• Look after the Wealth of the Members.
  • Promote and Develop Financial Employment fruitfully.
  • Ensure the Welfare of the members.
  • Develop Methods for a manifold benefit of the funds.


                                              Lead people uniting all the Human Resources and Natural Energy to establish a “Disease Free Society” – A Society in  full Life, Health, Wealth and Fraternity. Therefore we can  Build a developed and civilized Society, And it is a challenge for us to day to initiate Society based on Morality, Hope and Faith.  The proper utilization of all Natural and Human Resources and Energy are important to build a such society.  This will enable us to alienate all sorts of Social Evil from our societies. The greedy activities and misappropriation of natural resources, by a single individual or some particular individuals or a group, depriving others from its benefit, are the greatest Social Evil Forces. Anything created in the World is for everyone on Earth and shall not be concentrated to some. This danger is to be eliminated. The Energy available from Natural and Human phenomena shall  never be exhausted, but on the contrary it is magnified and multiplied as we utilize them.  This alone can enhance total wellbeing of mankind and Nature in the Universe.




  • Create a feeling for Eco-Friendly Products: such as Natural Food, Nature Friendly Buildings Materials etc.,
  • Eco friendly services: such as Green Plumbing, Solar Electrifications, Rain Water Harvesting, Bio-gas etc.
  • Human Resource Management: such as Self Employment, Health Care Centers, Motivative and Innovative Education, Cultural Forums, Pre, Post Marital, Child, Parental and Old age Counseling  Centers with  Theoretical and Practical  Workshop, etc.
  • Eco Farming: such as Promoting Farmers for Natural Farming, Self initiated  and Group Farming, Collection  and Supplying Organic Products to National and International Food Centers.
  • Propagate Eco Homes and Eco Villages to Experience and Sharing the Spirit of  Natural Living
  • Initiate to Utilise the Natural Energy such as: Solar Energy , Rain, Surface and recycling  of Water, Wind etc.
  • Publication such as: Public Medias, Chanel, Magazines and Educative Public Social and Cultural Programmes
  • Initiate people for Wealth and Finance Management. 
  • Initiate people for Eco Tourism as to experience Love, Sharing and Fraternity despite of Religion, Cast Politics or Nationality. 



  • Promoting & Marketing all Foods and Goods of sustenance through Eco – Shops at Eco Centers.
  •  Establish in each district an Eco Shop
  • Give necessary training for Quality Control on Eco-Friendly Products


  • Satisfaction- The Primary Remuneration of a work one attains is the SATISFACTION
  • Salary           - The Secondary Remuneration is Monetary Benefit called SALARY.          
  • Profit Share – Workers have a wear and tear.  So they  deserve a share of profit
  • Insurance    - A Member needs an Insurance as per the Risk factor he faces in Job.
  • Medi -claim - A Member needs a Protection against any physical Illness.
  • Inability Benefit- We may needs a protection in an unexpected prolonged leave.
  • Old Age Pension-Company needs to support the members in their retirement.
  • A Home- A home and a little land to be buried is a Natural gift for each living being. 


                                       Wholtsem looks forward for the wellbeing of all its members, the people around and the Universe itself. It keeps its members well satisfied, well remunerated, life protected through insurances and pension. Well-formed and guided families in society are actualized through its programming for self-sufficiency. Our Nation and Universe are equally safeguarded by its various functions of Energy Management and Human Resource Enhancement. It can help to Eradicate Poverty and Antagonization which give birth to terrorism and corruptions. In short the Wholtsem the breaks the Yoke of Personal, Social and Spiritual Bondages


  • Primarily we give utmost care in Education, to give help for people to select Subject and   Job as per he is designed in his inner Self.
  • Secondly a person shall be applied with the branch of Treatment as per the Physic of the person. 
  • Initiate Self Employment, taking up Apt Job as to "How  he is DESIGNED", to bring self-sufficiency by  providing adequate Training​


  • Promote Eco- Homes, Eco-friendly, using least waste generating materials & with nearness of Animals, Birds, Fish, Trees and plants (Vegetables & Fruit-trees).
  • A Home generates Positive Energy where one can get energized for next day. 


  • Undertake Green Plumping, 
  • Promote Solar Electrification with Led Lights, and Solar Water Heater.
  • Promote Installing Bio-gas plants
  • Promote Rain Water, Surface water and Waste Water Management
  • Take all installations and Serving of all products sold.


  •  Tourism based on Indian Culture & Natural Living
  • Natural Tourism Highlighting Village Life, River-side, Tree-top, Rope-way, Natural Farm
  • Designed Villages Fertilizing Barren land by using Rain and waste water Processing 
  • Create a Forum for Interacting and participating India and non-Indian residents, as to Shorten the Distance Geographically and Psychologically.
  • Promote Eco Tourism – Projecting Indian culture & Values, Natural Animal & Agro-Farms


  • Encourage Organic Farming to create disease-free societies where rich and nutritious food made available
  • Support Farmers giving Seeds and Training for an effective Organic Farming.
  • Initiate to substitute traditional Food pattern instead of the modern Adulterous Food.
  • Marketing the Organic Products in and outside India Assuring Adequate returns for the Farmers and quality for the Consumers.
  • Promote adequate income and provide Customers nutritious food which can retain the immunity capacity.
  • Initiate to preserve soil rich and uncontaminated
  • Promote  production, processing, and Marketing of the Organic Products. 
  • Encourage and Train Farmers in the field of Farming both Agricultural and Animal and give Awards for the best performed Farmers.
  • Form Societies for Farmers  to arrange Festivals for Displaying and Marketing product collected from the Organic Farms.  
  • Initiate to plant trees, Fruit trees, vegetable, Medicinal Plants and Flower Garden.
  • Initiate and Encourage Increased Organic Productivity and Feeling for others and their life and health without profit motivation
  • Initiate people to use more and more Surface level and Rain Water instead of Underground water, understanding it is not healthy and is not for our use
  • Maintain Surface Water sources having proper Water Management. And also preserve and use of Rain Water and Waste waters
  • Erect Eco Homes to create positive energy in all through Life
  • Create an Eco Village to Live and Experience the True Love, mutual Sharing and Fraternity.
  • Provide Necessary training   for Recycling Domestic& public Waste and give Training for Production of Bio Gas and Lights for private and public utilities. Therefore, we can Save Commercial gas by 4 cylinders per year per each family
  • Increase cooperation and involvement among the Families involved in the Nature Friendly programmes and honor the best Performers.
  • Initiate use of solar energy with LED lightings as to initiate Carbon Crediting for a better Future.
  • Initiates among Individuals and Groups to begin Self-employment Units and initiate to cultivate saving mentality in its members.
  • Provide Training for Ladies and Gents find out a Job by Self Employment to establish themselves in an adequate financial set up. Therefore, to Create a feeling for Nation building by up-lifting Unemployed and Suffering.
  • Tor create a disease-free Society and establish Health Regenerating Programs and Health Clinics. to Repair, Add or to Compliment what is required in a human Body, by Adopting any discipline of Medicine as Require such as Natural, Homeopathic, Allopathic or Traditional Methods
  •  Initiate Natural, Homely and Organic Food Centers for protecting health.
  • Establish Training centers to train  at least one person from a house on all sorts of House-Hold instruments and equipment’s. Called House hold Technical Awareness Centers.
  • Establish Counseling and Career Guidance Centers.
  • Business Oriented Staff Training
  • Career Oriented Students Training
  •  Job Oriented Candidate Training
  •  Self-Employability Training Centers
  •  Individual, Family and Old Age Counseling Centers
  • Establish Pre and post marriage learning Centers
  • Establish Schooling based on Gifted Talents and Research start from within.
  • Establish Cheshire Homes for the Unfortunates in Society.
  • Form a Team of Trainers called “Green Fingers” to conduct Training Seminars on Health. Know-how of household products, Wealth, Social Justice and Government Policies Etc.
  • Initiate Human Forums imbibing Ancestral, Social, Religious and political Values.
  • Promote Solar Energy. For Solar Water Heaters and Solar Lights.
  • Protect & preserve natural water sources. Rain Water storages, Purified water for secondary purposes. Safe guard and use Surface level Water. And protect Underground Water.
  •  Promote Waste Management.  Minimize waste generation Install Bio-gas Plants for Domestic and Public use of Gas and Light.
  • Start Magazines. Depend on Channel Media to promote the Eco Friendly Movement. Develop Documentaries on Health, Use of Wealth. Social Justice etc.
  • Promote Natural Agro- Farming of all possible plants like Paddy, Wheat, grains, spices, medicinal. And Develop Farm houses nurturing all possible indigenous Animals and Birds
  • Establish Natural Farming Advisory Body and Farm Development council
  • Develop Natural Farmers Family Clubs for the better Living & Efficiency 


  • Building of a Productive & Healthy Society- A disease free   Society
  • Self-Sustainability of Human Beings.
  • A Cordial and positive Society.