A House becomes a Home when it a Shelter for Human beings who lives as a part of the Universe. The Origin of Man is not an isolated event in the nature, on the other hand it is always co related with the other Natural beings and Plants.  So also Man cannot live with out the Nature and its interactions with Animals and Plants. The Nature has its expression only  when acknowledges its inhabitants and the vice versa.

An Eco Home needs a good Garden where the family members can express and exercise their life outwardly imbibing the spirit of Love, Fraternity and Positive Energy.

Wholtsem visualises a  Garden which can explain the true Natural live in the Society.


                      The Nature itself is the best example for a perfect Landscaping. The Creator has prepared the Nature with well arranged Mountains, Valleys,  Rivers, Lakes, Thick forest, Mild Forest, Animals, Birds etc., We just create a replica of it in our Courtyard to view the totality of the Nature.  And we abide by the Nature, with the Nature and for the Nature to achieve the fulfilment of the purpose of Creation. A human being in the lap of Nature is exactly like a child in the lap of its Mother. There fore a well arranged Landscaping is important for a Home to express and realise its meaning as to grow  itself very much Friendly with  Nature.