Eco village is one where people abide in one mind and heart, without differences of Cast, Creed, Nationality, Religion, Politics etc.,  Today the concept of  Universe has come to man very close and the different Nations situated as five fingers in the palm. Different members of a family are awaken in the morning at different areas. But they feel and experience the oneness and nearness.

Wholtsem finds importance for creating an Eco Village here. It is not to experience a forest stay, not an excavation, and not testing and finding the differences of people. But on the other hand it is to feel for one another. It is for enjoying the life, being with people in different corners of the world. 

                             Wholtsem finds a  Village Natural and Universal when people experience the totality of Universe in the particular place. And also people in various Villages in  different places stay in communion interacting in a brotherliness and Fraternity.  A Village is set up at a particular place developing all sorts of Farming and Creating Eco Homes purely supported by the Nature and Organic Life style. In Eco Village above all the human beings stay under a single roof, also they stay in communion with all sorts of Plants,  Animals and other Natural Phenomena with guide and protect the man and the Universe simultaniously.