Establish Natural Farming Advisory Body and Farm Development councilDevelop Natural Famers Family Clubs for the better Living & Efficiency


                 Wholtsem promotes Natural Agro Farming of all possible plants like  Paddy, Wheat, Grains, Spices, Medicinal Plants and other verities possible. It is heart rending that we become the Slayers of our Near and Dear ones by providing Poisonous and adulterous Food. Each one who add poison in Food is said be a Criminal who kill people, destroys Societies, anihilate the Universe and in fact he cuts the branch on which he sits,  It is the responsibility of each citizen to protect the Societies the Nation. And therefore  a responsible individual will keep up quality in his doings, speaking and thinking.

                                  Develop Farm houses nurturing all possible indigenous Animals and Birds. Man is call ed to foster the Universe and all dwells in it. Man is Authorised to look after all creations and he is responsible for their well being.