Portable & Custamized Bio-Gas Plant

bio-gas plants

The Waste Management in a modern society in comparison to primitive Society is complicated affair. we throughout more than what we use In modern families.  The lack of adequate “LIFE-SETTING” will lead a man to unsystematic Purchase and Disposal of goods. Wholtsem initiates to overcome this tendency and add more to our income by Energy Management. Waste is as important as Solar Energy. The decision is ours whether to through the Food and other balance stuff to our Waste processing unit or to the Road. If we properly put it in the waste processing unit,  it is as same as to what we invest in the bank.

We can produce Gas and Electricity for our Eco Homes and a very good Organic Manure for Eco Farming.  Wholtsem takes a further step to make it a practice among selected people or its members so that each family can save 4 each Commercial Gas cylinders in a Year. We take a pledge to convince One Lakh families, in a District, to get the benefit of it, and make it a National Endeavour for Saving  Four Lakh Gas Cylinders  per Year in a district.  Here each and every  family can benefit 20% more than what they spent. The proper employment of Waste and other Energy Management can minimize the expense by half and maximize the income by four fold.