Marketing of Eco friendly Products: such as Food, Buildings Materials etc.,
Eco friendly services: such as  Green Plumbing, Solar electrifications, Rain Water Harvesting, Biogas  etc
Human Resource Management: such as Self Employment, Health center, Education, Cultural Forum, Counseling etc.
Eco Farming: such as Self and Group Farming, Collections and Marketing, Natural Food centers
Eco Homes and Eco Villages
Natural Energy Management such as: Solar, Water, Wind etc.
Publication such as: Public Medias
Finance Management
Eco Tourism.


at a glance


        WHOLTSEM is the Dream Project of JMJ ENTERPRISE. JMJ began in1992 under Proprietorship of JOHN PUTHUSSERIL in view of reaching the people with the best product and service available. with struggle He managed himself to stay uninfluenced by the affluance of World. seeing the Global warming , water scarcity, Human antoganisum, and mismanagement of waste.

                                  Therefore he was inspired to begin an International movement  to Establish an Economical and social stability by utilising Human and Natural Energy. it is understood that we can save more using more these gifts of the Universe. Organic or natural living inspires others to Protect the Universe and promote the beings. For this He Established WHOLTSEM which is movement for initiating Human Organic living by using the natural resources to sustain peace and tranquility so as to derive  self efficiency of wealth for Us and ages to come.Further Details

All writings express LIFE as the greatest DIVINE GIFT in the UNIVERSE. The totality of  human and natural life is upheld by “WHOLSEM”.  The  Whole human Organic Living through save energy movement, a movement for leading people towards  achieving and experiencing fullness of true life in the Universe. It enhances human living by Protecting, Promoting and Practicing Natural living manipulating the all human and Natural resources of energy. We can consider very seriously HEALTH as basic to human LIFE in a Society.

                     The Human Welfare is achieved in a healthy relationship between individuals and nature. The Health of Individuals and Society is the outcome of proper utilization of the True and Natural resources in the universe. A healthy body keeps itself unstained as a sea fish is not salty. The body gets contaminated by the poisonous food and polluted surroundings. An ill fed body fall in sick in its physical, psychic and spiritual areas of life.  The lack of health will lead the whole society to poverty and misery.

                  A healthy individual should have well nourished physical systems, having the ability for self repairing, called the Healing process. And hence the Eco friendly life style brings forth a Disease free Society. It is made possible through the natural food system, unpolluted surroundings, a proper Shelter which can generate positive energy and a dignified social status. A true Eco living leads us to a life style of “Secularist-Joint-Family”,  a blend of Socialism and Capitalism, as complimenting each other. And in the true natural Eco living system “any Giving will be a Gain and any Using will be a saving, which deny outright all sorts of Selfishness and Greed for the belongings of the other. A spirit of sharing and selfless activities is developed in human minds. In other  words  we express or employ ourselves spontaneously to complete what the other left incomplete in the process of ongoing Creative work.  This sort of human involvement leads individuals and universe to Self Sufficiency, and Self Sustainability.  


                   Therefore we can conclude saying what exactly the cells do collectively and jointly  to keeps the Human body Self Sustained so the same the human beings do collectively and jointly to keep the universe going Self Sustained. The self sustainability in life is abundant only when we reach the self-sufficiency in the areas of FOOD, SHEALTER, EMPLOYMENT AND CORDIAL VERTICAL AND HORIZONDAL RELATIONSHIP. The vertical relationship in man provides him Liberation of Body Joy of Mind and the Communion of Soul with Paramathma.