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WEALTH is the best possible outcome of a good Health. A healthy man cannot but express himself positively and productively​. Any being is said to be well-off if he is Healthy. Any Man Active, Productive and Creative is called "Living". And there begins the generation of Wealth. 

The Physical richness is called Health.  Health which is the prime concern of Wholtsem, is the true intrinsic and extrinsic expression of LIFE​. Any one is Healthy if Natural Healing process is active in him.  

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                                              ​​Wholtsem  is not a Company. But it is a Movement for guiding people, Coordinating different Companies  and Manufacturers which take steps to propagate and supply the Nature Friendly products. Also it interacts with several groups of people to reconcile with the Eco Living. Therefore Wholtsem looks forward to other Groups, Companies and Manufacturers to be associated as Channel Partners or as  Associated Members.  It strives to the well being of  the people around and the Universe itself. Individuals , Families are Well formed and guided  to reach self-sufficiency through various programmes it takes up. Our Nation and the whole Universe are equally safeguarded by its various functions of Energy Management. It formulates  various programmes  to Eradicate poverty, terrorism and corruptions to a certain extend.  It breaks off the Yoke of Personal, Social and Spiritual Bondages


ENERGY, which is the gift of nature, is the basic and essential Fuel to run our Society. An Economic Self Sufficiency can be easily brought about through Energy Management​. Energy is prevails in the Universe from its Beginning to the End. Because the Source of Energy is Eternal, the Alpha and Omega.

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Wholtsem is fruitful in actualising Eco Village where one Lives and Experiences the true Love & mutual Sharing. ​Experiencing fraternity. Nurture feeling for others  despite of colour, cast or  wealth. Unity in divercity.


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AUTHORITY is very important in Eco Living. After all creation God has Himself authorized man to look after everything.  He has been given natural beings around to be friends.  so that Man may not be left alone​ and the Nature may not be "Author-less". Therefore Authority is a Privillaged Status to foster the wellness of the Society and Natural Beings.

Eco Farming is the best way we adopt to make Nutritious Food available. It is most important to maintain Health. Self repair or healing is possible only in a healthy body

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Food is an important element, as far as  living beings concerned, for preserving Life. ​We need Healthy for our Cell Such as Nutrients,

 Proteins and Oxygen.

So Healthy Food in Man makes him Think Well, Speaks Sensible and Performs Excellently. 

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SHELTER  is another serious concern of human beings when we discuss about Health. We are all pilgrims on earth. Our fore fathers were NOMARDICE​